On the road to Christ in the Desert Monastery, NM

On the way down Route 84 to Abiquiu, we detoured to see the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert. The chapel is fascinating and in a great setting, but as usual, nature gets most of my attention.  (Aside: I think I have finally learnt how to get photos to appear in the desired chronological order, so you can click right in this gallery!)


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Echo Amphitheater, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

Along Route 84 from Pagosa Springs, Coloradao to Abiquiu, New Mexico.

As usual, click on any image to see the photos in “carousel” view — and then click leftward in the carousel to see them in chronological order?!



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Near the Piedra River, in southwestern Colorado

We were back in the South-West to end the year, and this first collection is from along and near the Piedra River, in south-western Colorado, a bit west of Pagosa Springs.

Update: clicking on any photo takes you to carousel view now . . . but WordPress defaults to displaying from newest backwards and it is tedious to reorder them, so click leftward in the carousel to see them in chronological order!













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New Recipes

I have added three new recipes (see also under the tab above for Recipes)

  1. Carrot-Ginger Compost Cake
  2. Crispy Kale  (Kale just went out of season around here, but for the Fall . . .)
  3. Anna’s Carpaccio di Zucchine (an excellent summer appetizer)
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North-western New Mexico 2016-2017 Gallery

We spent a week touring the north-western part New Mexico over the new year, passing through Ghost Ranch (when Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted for many years), Chaco Canyon, the Bisti Wilderness, Bosque del Apache, and my favorite telescope, the Very Large Array.  Some of those places deserve their own pages (coming soon?), but here are a few photos from the whole trip.

(This is a better version than North-western New Mexico, 2016-2017: click on any photo to enter the full-screen view, and from there you can click to see any of them full-size.)

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