Memorial Day: pool, barbecue and history

Today is the start of the Memorial Day long weekend; here is how we passed it.

First, it was opening day for our roof-top pool. We arrived shortly after opening time of noon, and everyone was sun-bathing, so I think I was the first one into the water for the year. And Anna was the second.

Anna inaugurating the 2012 pool season at “1401 N”

It was also opening day for the back-yard barbecue season …

Linda and André’s barbecue

… with Linda and Jack (below), André (above), and many friends and children.

Linda and Jack

And since John Logan, the main person behind the creation of the Memorial Day holiday, lived nearby, I wandered over to visit him and and his home at 4 Logan Circle.

John Logan with his horse and pigeon in Logan Circle

4 Logan Circle


About Brenton LeMesurier

Mathematician with a fondness for walking and nature photography, posting photos here mostly for sharing with family and friends.
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