Diego River Murals, Palacio Nacional

At last, here is the last of my planned posts of photos from Mexico (and also the last taken with my trusty Olympus E-510: news on that soon.)

So here are some of Diego Rivera’s murals in the Palacio Nacional de Mexico, with his views of the Spanish, Americans (U.S. sub-species), Karl Marx, Frida Carlo, and scuintles.

I have started with just four of the many photos I took, so I will add more in a while; for example, I just added this first one, which also shows the location of the three main murals, on the entrance staircase.

Mexican history, pre-colonial. Diego Rivera mural at Palacio Nacional de Mexico

Mexican History, Pre-colonial

Mexican History, Colonial Era: Diego River Mural, Palacio Nacional

Mexican History, Colonial Era (partial)

There is a mysterious battle scene detail in the above mural:

Conquistadores vs Space Aliens

Conquistadores vs Space Aliens (detail from the above)

Mexican History, 20th Century: Diego Rivera mural, Palacio Nacional

Mexican History, 20th Century (partial)

After those three big murals on the stairs, there are many smaller ones along the walls of the walkway above the central lobby. Several include scuintles (Mexican hairless dogs), like this one:

Scuintles and Laundry, Diego Rivera, Palacio Nacional

Scuintles and Laundry

Can anyone explain the “dragon” at the bottom of this market scene?

Market (with dragon?)

Market (with dragon?)


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Mathematician with a fondness for walking and nature photography, posting photos here mostly for sharing with family and friends.
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One Response to Diego River Murals, Palacio Nacional

  1. Mike says:

    The little ‘dragon’ is an iguana (lizard) .. but good eye for detail!

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