Botanical trekking in the Ligurian Alps

I have added some permanent pages of photos from a botanical trek that we did in the Ligurian Alps, finishing with a visit to the Hanbury Botanical Gardens. It was organized by the Parco naturale del Marguareismolte grazie to Ricky, Ivan and others from the park, and the two botanical guides, Bruno and Marzianno.

(Some photos are still  to be added, especially flora from days three and four, and the visit to the Hanbury Gardens on day five.)

Most photos are in the pages listed above under the heading Botanical Trekking in the Ligurian Alps,  but here is one of my favorite close-ups:

Flower and insect

Flower and insect


About Brenton LeMesurier

Mathematician with a fondness for walking and nature photography, posting photos here mostly for sharing with family and friends.
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