Flora of the Ligurian Alps, Day 2

Photos of the flora (mostly flowers) from the second day of our trek in the Ligurian Alps, from Rifugio Garelli to Rifugio Don Barbera.

Click on any of these small images to see them larger in a carousel view. (In carousel view,  you can make comments under a photo, so feel free to add the names of flowers, or correct my guesses at names!)

Scroll down to see larger versions within this page.

Larger versions:



Leontopodium alpinum (stella alpina – edelweiss)

Leontopodium alpinum (stella alpina – edelweiss)




Orchis mascula

Ivan: is that fungus on one stamen?

Trollius europaeus (botton d’oro – buttercups)

Nigritella corneliana

Dactylorhiza sambucina (Elder-flowered Orchid)

Dactylorhiza sambucina (Elder-flowered Orchid)


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