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Boxing Day at the Audubon Swamp

A gallery of photos from my favorite nature destination in Charleston. As usual, plenty of reptiles, and this time, a new fascination with pond scum. (Click on any image to enter the carousel view.)

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Botanical trekking in the Ligurian Alps

I have added some permanent pages of photos from a botanical trek that we did in the Ligurian Alps, finishing with a visit to the Hanbury Botanical Gardens. It was organized by the Parco naturale del Marguareis; molte grazie to Ricky, Ivan … Continue reading

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Swamp things from last November

I have not posted for a long time but have visited many beautiful places meantime, so it is time to catch up with posting some photographs. These are from the Cypress Gardens, near Charleston. It has also been a very long … Continue reading

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Experiment: a big gallery from Day One in Charleston

This gallery contains 25 photos.

An experiment uploading a big gallery of photos: Day One of a friend’s visit to Charleston. As usual with WordPress galleries, click on any photo to enter “manual slideshow” view.

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urban trees

Click on any photo to see larger versions in “carousel” mode.

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