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North-western New Mexico 2016-2017 Gallery

We spent a week touring the north-western part New Mexico over the new year, passing through Ghost Ranch (when Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted for many years), Chaco Canyon, the Bisti Wilderness, Bosque del Apache, and my favorite telescope, the Very … Continue reading

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Markdown arrives at WordPress; more swamp thing photos coming soon

This is just a test of the new Markdown feature of WordPress, which is my favorite way of doing “rich text” (headings, lists, italics, bold, etc.) without the hassles of HTML markup, since “WYSIWIG” editors annoy me, often giving results … Continue reading

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LaTeX2WP: Power tool for mathematical blogging

If you want to prepare blog posts using latex and then convert them for cut and paste into a blog, try LaTeX2WP Terry Tao was a guinea pig for its development, and his site is an example of … Continue reading

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Welcome, and blogging with math notation

My first goal is to be able to post mathematical content, like . That strangely is raised above the text line as a whole. Maybe it works better in “dispaystyle”, on a separate line: .

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