North-western New Mexico, 2016-2017

This gallery contains 30 photos.

[UPDATE: This is superseded by the gallery version “North-western New Mexico 2016-2017 Gallery“.  I leave it here in case anyone has shared the link.] We spent a week touring the north-western part New Mexico over the new year, passing through Ghost … Continue reading

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Stepping Back from Social Media

(for Lent at least) – and reviving this blog? There is a bit of a movement this year to “give up social media for Lent”, and I am belatedly joining it, with an eye to reforming my engagement afterwards.  In … Continue reading

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Boxing Day at the Audubon Swamp

A gallery of photos from my favorite nature destination in Charleston. As usual, plenty of reptiles, and this time, a new fascination with pond scum.

(Click on any image to enter the carousel view.)

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Botanical trekking in the Ligurian Alps

I have added some permanent pages of photos from a botanical trek that we did in the Ligurian Alps, finishing with a visit to the Hanbury Botanical Gardens. It was organized by the Parco naturale del Marguareismolte grazie to Ricky, Ivan and others from the park, and the two botanical guides, Bruno and Marzianno.

(Some photos are still  to be added, especially flora from days three and four, and the visit to the Hanbury Gardens on day five.)

Most photos are in the pages listed above under the heading Botanical Trekking in the Ligurian Alps,  but here is one of my favorite close-ups:

Flower and insect

Flower and insect

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Swamp things from last November

I have not posted for a long time but have visited many beautiful places meantime, so it is time to catch up with posting some photographs. These are from the Cypress Gardens, near Charleston. It has also been a very long time since I posted any turtle photos, so I was particularly happy to get these three to smile for a family portrait.

I would be very happy for identifications of any animals and plants here, or corrections of the names in my captions.

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