Swamp things from last November

I have not posted for a long time but have visited many beautiful places meantime, so it is time to catch up with posting some photographs. These are from the Cypress Gardens, near Charleston. It has also been a very long time since I posted any turtle photos, so I was particularly happy to get these three to smile for a family portrait.

I would be very happy for identifications of any animals and plants here, or corrections of the names in my captions.

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Philadelphia Details

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Another gallery from Philadelphia; mostly details that caught my eye within larger scenes. As usual, click on any photo for a larger “carousel” view of all of them.

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Philadelphia murals

This gallery contains 13 photos.

I discovered this weekend that Philadelphia has a wonderful array of murals in all kinds of unlikely locations, like the blank walls of old buildings overlooking car parks. It goes back to a 1984 anti-grafitti project, that lead to a … Continue reading

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Markdown arrives at WordPress; more swamp thing photos coming soon

This is just a test of the new Markdown feature of WordPress, which is my favorite way of doing “rich text” (headings, lists, italics, bold, etc.) without the hassles of HTML markup, since “WYSIWIG” editors annoy me, often giving results … Continue reading

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New permanent pages: Birds and Swamp Things and more to come

I have just added two new permanent collections of photos in the pages listed above, for two of my favorite subjects, Birds and Swamp Things. These will updated from time to time, and should soon be joined by a few other pages, like Reptiles and some more urban one like Charleston and Italy.

There is some overlap, because I often photograph birds and reptiles in swamps.

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